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Semiotic Studies in Photography, Philosophy, Ethics and Education

Next paper

Here is the General idea for the next chapter
The Guardian Angel

our capacity for intuition of first principles, incl by way of syndersis, is actually a kind of angelic power, says Aquinas

in a sense we have, besides the powers of ratiocination proper to us qua humans, some residues of the angelic powers of intuition.

and it is possible that these first principles direct us to basic goods, as well as the intentions of what are inferred secondary principles

i think its true. these would of course be self evident and are henc e a kind of first principle. there might be a term for these. call these quasi first principles. maybe there can be a better term.

taking pictures sometimes surfaces and emerges these intuitions

philosophical raciocinnation can then seek to derive or demonstrate these very same principles. here we have a kind preferential option for the poorly displaying. obviuosly the intuition of quasi first principles cannot be as rigorous or clear and distinct as the intuitionof the fpprs, and are by their very nature prone to error, being the least manifest.


new equipment and new thoughts

bought some new equipment
so that i can study bw photography and develop my philosophy of photography even more seriously
some where tradein exchanges of stuff i dunt need

all compatible with my Leica II screwmount

a leitz afga daylight development tank
an nickel ALBON film cutting template
couple of FILCA film cassettes
a Watson 66B daylight film loader
a FIKUS variable hood (sold my VALOO at a profit)
an A36 clear filter

just need some ilford hp5 and developing chems.

will also be returning to blogging here. some new thoughts on photography. will also link some papers i have published on the subject.

Signs and Media (China)

A paper of mine on photography and natural law will be published in the journal Signs and Media, of a Chinese University.

Aesthetic: pointless delight or meaningful point

Looking through my blogs, I notice that a clarification of my denunciation, of the aesthetic studium, is needed, and the latter needs to be distinguished from another meaningful aesthetic. Can there be? It can’t be just mere experience or delight. It must be an admirable order. Or something beautiful, not just pretty. Something saturating.

Sweet spot, correction


Sweet spot is at f 3.5 at 1/60 sec, iso400

Not 1/100 sec, which has a dry look.


photography and spiritual ideals

a couple of colleagues have written a very interesting paper on design thinkin and the teaching of spiritual ideals.  That’s giving me an idea for another paper on photography, design thinkin and spiritual ideals

radical inequality

can photographers and private social charities address the problems of radical inequality that results from neoliberalism?  Perhaps we could be the Big Society, that draws in funding to address social problems, the big society that redistributes wealth freely given?

Sweet Spot!

Have found, after couple of trials, the sweet spot for my Leica II and 5cm Elmar f/3.5

Nice, wideopen, f 3.5 at 1/100 speed for kodak iso 400, in good light

A footnote

In several earlier posts i suggested that the grasp of the natural law is by way of some abductive logic. Recently i was reading a piece by john finnis on natural law and the ethcis of discourse, and noticed that finnis says somewhat the same thing in a footnote, refering to insight and c s peirce. Although he insists that dialectic should ensure that insights are not mere bright ideas. I will post a page on that soon.


These pieties, may otherwise i think be called, quite synonymously, the normativities of the first principles. I can only capture and acknowledge them, and they do not crave for proofs or warrants