Preface to the Manual

This is a work on the uses of photography, especially in relation to its potential for ethical consciousness raising, and in relationship to that, character education, citizenship education, ethical policy thinking, ethical leadership and meta-studies of ethics generally.

It is work in progress. More chapters should be added in time, and citations and references included. Typos will be corrected: there are lots of these. Please be patient.

Some of these chapters may be rewritten for publication in journals.

Others might be converted into submissions for, which is powered by Focal Press of then Elsevier, now Francis and Taylor: this is something I hope to be doing ongoingly as new chapters appear.

I also hope to include relevant high quality photographic images.

I am still in the process to seeking some sponsorship and grants to support this research project.

This is a project under the Thomistic E-nstitute, which is my research-blog.  Check the E-nstitute for my other research work and working papers.

Since I am a professor of the National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University, naturally this project also comes under my work at the University, and much of it feeds into my research on philosophy of education, ethics and leadership in education, and stimulates new ideas for papers and teaching.