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by judechua

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The Guardian Angel

our capacity for intuition of first principles, incl by way of syndersis, is actually a kind of angelic power, says Aquinas

in a sense we have, besides the powers of ratiocination proper to us qua humans, some residues of the angelic powers of intuition.

and it is possible that these first principles direct us to basic goods, as well as the intentions of what are inferred secondary principles

i think its true. these would of course be self evident and are henc e a kind of first principle. there might be a term for these. call these quasi first principles. maybe there can be a better term.

taking pictures sometimes surfaces and emerges these intuitions

philosophical raciocinnation can then seek to derive or demonstrate these very same principles. here we have a kind preferential option for the poorly displaying. obviuosly the intuition of quasi first principles cannot be as rigorous or clear and distinct as the intuitionof the fpprs, and are by their very nature prone to error, being the least manifest.