zoo semiosis

by judechua

I thin kthe body is a big interpretant, and thats where Descartes and Hume went wrong when they dissed the body and the senses. I mean, the sense-intepretant of the body, not merely brute phantasm that comes from the senses.  The body’s “agent intellect” so to speak. 

So there’s abduction and quite valid in ordinary experience, whereas pure deduction disses the interpretant and its semiosic abduction. Sense x is sense x, gets us no where.  Rather, sense X points to…(via the body)…being (ens), basic goods (natural law), etc.


The camera / photography is our semiotic reflection on this oridnary experience. It places us in the context of the ordinary experiencing, and reflects on that.  It is infinitie semiosis, after zoo-semiosis.  It turns back, in reflection, on the interpretant procees by way of the body.