Competence, Critique, Design

by judechua

Finally got my hands on Gunther Kress’ s Multimodality. It was on hold for the longest time and waited in line 4 months for it.

Was very interested in a section in whihc he speaks of competence and critique as something that should be supplemented by or indeed furthered by design. He had the postmodern current in mind. Competence, is the assimilation of some idea, and critique is the analysis of the past, but design reshapes the current towards something of interest. The first simply carries over, the second attacks, but the third does both and translates the good into the future under a new sign.

It’ very short and not developed. I’m hoping to build on this. Photography can be a tool for design. It carries good ideas over with new signs. In the post modern current it’s hard to foist one’s ideas on another; there are no shared rules or paradigms, not enforcement of a logical sequence. But tehre is room and abundant room for sharing new interests, and of commuicating new signs. All with technology. something like that.